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Who we are

Our Australian corrections experience encompasses:

  • Management & Training Corporation Pty Ltd began operating Parklea Correctional Centre on behalf of Corrective Services NSW in 2019. Under the contract, MTC Australia® delivers a full range of operational services, including rehabilitation programs.
  • Borallon Correctional Centre contract to manage and operate was awarded by Queensland Corrective Services in 2000 and in 2005 Queensland Corrective Services extended the contract for a further two (2) years.

Management & Training Corporation (MTC), a global leader in corrections. It operates 20 Job Corps centers, 18 correctional facilities,
12 prison and detention medical departments, three community release centers, seven detention centers, 19 treatment programs,
two outpatient behavioural health programs, and one workforce development site worldwide. It’s mission is to help improve people’s lives,
make their time in prison more productive and reduce re-offending. MTC is headquartered in Centerville, Utah and employs more than
 8,000 staff worldwide.

MTC currently educates and trains nearly 8,000 vulnerable young people in its Job Corps centres. Job Corps is a free, premiere residential training program offered by the U.S. Department of Labor to help young adults launch successful careers. Job Corps provides academic, technical, vocational, and life skills training to individuals ages 16 to 24 to help them establish  life-long habits and career skills that allow them  to sustain themselves and their families.

MTC also provides safe and secure rehabilitation and transition services to more than 42,000 prisoners and detainees. This includes providing rehabilitative programs to give them the opportunity to improve and further develop the literacy, numeracy, technical and life skills required to find and keep jobs. MTC also delivers industry-relevant training, tailored to local priorities and with the support of the local business community.


Troy Ittensohn
Managing Director

Troy is Management & Training Corporation Pty Ltd’s Managing Director. Troy brings an extensive senior leadership background in correctional facilities management, covering operational management, customer relationship management, and strategic planning and implementation. Troy’s experience spans 30 years, working alongside key government agencies and service providers. Troy brings particular expertise in rehabilitation, developing initiatives to maximise readiness for employment, and building community relationships to improve social outcomes.

Sidd Mehta
Business Services Director

Sidd is Management & Training Corporation Pty Ltd’s Business Services Director, with overall responsibility of commercial and financial governance. Sidd brings over 22 years of financial management experience with expertise in correctional facility operations, extensive knowledge of crafting business solutions for private-public correctional projects gained across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand jurisdictions. He has a strong background in project management, business planning, procurement, resource management, quality assurance, stakeholder engagement, and change management.

Debbie Frazer
Human Resources & Industrial Relations Director

Debbie is our Human Resources & Industrial Relations Director, a highly experienced senior manager who has held responsibility and oversight of large teams and multiple sites and contracts in excess of $180 million pa.  She has worked in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium. Over the last decade she has honed her skills within the Corrections sector working with teams to improve culture and prison performance in Queensland and Victoria. She was instrumental in the commissioning of Ravenhall Correctional Centre delivering the resourcing model and employment of more than 600 staff and managers for a 1,300 bed correctional facility and now for commissioning the Nauru Regional Processing Centre. She is a firm believer in rewarding great performance and providing development opportunities that ensure our personnel remain with us retaining the knowledge and skills in the business.

Carlo Scasserra
Legal and Governance Director

Carlo is Management & Training Corporation Pty Ltd’s Legal and Governance Director, with responsibility for overseeing compliance, quality assurance, audit, contract management and continuous improvement functions within the organisation.

Carlo has extensive senior executive experience in performance management, employee training and professional standards, procurement and contract management as well as leadership experience and knowledge of public administration through senior management roles in the Commonwealth and State Public Services in Australia.

Prior to joining MTC Australia®, he was Assistant Commissioner, Governance and Continuous Improvement at Corrective Services NSW where he led the operational monitoring, reporting, governance and learning and development systems to ensure best practice and continuous improvement across the organisation.

He has also held senior positions within the Department of Immigration and Border Protections and the Australian Border Force. He has also worked for several State government agencies and non-government organisations in Victoria and Western Australia.